Celebrities with Anxiety Disorder

celebrities with anxiety disorderHow Do Celebrities Cope Up With Anxiety Disorder?
Every year almost 40 million Americans are affected by anxiety disorders like OCD, phobias, social anxiety, among others. Celebrities are just as likely of candidates for such disorders, as well. Below are some biographical details about some famous celebrities who have been inflicted with the anxiety disorders over time and how they coped with it. The purpose of sharing this public information is to demonstrate to the millions of others coping with anxiety that people can live successful, meaningful lives with anxiety disorder and it should not stop anyone from pursuing their dreams.

Kim Basinger
Ever since her childhood, Kim Basinger was withdrawn to such an extent that her parents consulted autistic and psychiatric experts for help. In her growing years, she experienced several social anxiety attacks like during her Oscar award winning ceremony, where she couldn’t utter a single word in spite of practicing numerous times. Kim resorted to psychological therapy treatments for overcoming her social anxiety attacks. Intensive psychiatric sessions made Kim recover from her state of anxiety. Spending time with the qualified psychiatrists made her overcome the fear of social appearances.

Jessica Alba
The world famous actor of Fantastic Four movies has confessed that she has been suffering from the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), an anxiety attack characterized by the compulsion of repeating certain specific acts like counting, hair washing, etc. Jessica’s anxiety attack was visible on her 25th birthday, when she became extremely anxious about the balloons spread in the hotel room by her boyfriend. For overcoming the state of OCD, Jessica’s family moved down to California, which comforted her and calmed her anxious state. Some sources also claim that she resorted to psychiatric help for overcoming OCD.

Johnny Depp
No matter how well Johnny Depp carried the clownish makeup of his character in the Movie Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp suffers from the fear of clowns. This state is referred as Coulrophobia. Even as a child, Johnny suffered from the horrible nightmares of clowns. Johnny Depp resorted to meditation and therapy treatments for overcoming his anxiety disorder. As per the sources, regular meditation sessions calmed Johnny down and controlled her anxious state. The celebrity even opted for specialized relaxing therapy treatments for curing the same.

David Beckham
The popular British soccer player, David Beckham, is inflicted with the anxiety disorder, termed as ataxophobia, which is defined as the fear of untidiness or disorder. According to Victoria, Beckham’s wife, he has the habit of arranging the clothes in his wardrobe as per the colors in his room and even lines the bottles in the refrigerator evenly. David Beckham resorted to relaxation strategies like yoga and meditation, which relaxed and made him counter his anxious state. Beckham even practiced certain saturation exercises for overcoming his obsessive compulsion disorder.


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  1. I think anxiety is similar to phobias- so many people deal with that. Fear of snakes, spiders, flying, heights, dirty doorknobs, whatever. Seems like everyone has an irrational fear or anxiousness about something.

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